Last Midterm

Hello! (Waves)

It’s my last midterm exam this week. Hooray! I had one exam yesterday, two exams earlier, one tomorrow afternoon, and last two on Thursday afternoon. I am satisfied with the results of my first two exams but not with the third one. (Although we do not know our scores yet. /Cries) Something came up and ughhh I just hate it! I don’t want to talk about it anymore because I don’t want my day to be entirely ruined. Good thing I have friends and oh, we already filed our application for graduation! (Happy dance) Anyway, this was my most confident answer earlier. (Coughs real hard)

“Enjoy life. Do what makes you happy. Do your part and you will reach your dreams. Stay grounded and value the people important to you.”

This is what my 8 year old self would tell me if ever I’ll get to meet her XD

Aren’t I a spoiler to the other block? Hope they won’t get any idea. Haha! Shhhhh!

Hope you had a good day!


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