Spazztime 101: B1A4 with Who Am I

“Baby I just wanna spend some time with you”~ lalala


I soooo missed these guys! But now Banas (their fans) should just sing and dance with the quintet as they perform and promote the album. I know they have been performing already but I just can’t contain my feels and just have to write this one and Lonely has been on repeat in my playlist. I love these guys since their debut so I’m ecstatic about this one.

B1A4 is back with their second full-length album “Who Am I” with “Lonely” as their title track. Lonely is a ballad song wriiten and composed by their leader Jinyoung and rapper Baro. It has 12 tracks. I haven’t listened to all of the songs yet but I heard praises about it already. Hooray for the boys!

The music video of Lonely was released last January 12, 2014. I had a great laugh with the music video. Well, who woudn’t? The girl was like a human balloon! Hahahahaha! Jinyoung had to tie a ribbon around her wrist so she won’t fly all the way up. It was winter-themed and I don’t know if it was real snow but if it was, they must have been freezing during the shoot.



Here’s snap of Jinyoung with the balloon-like girl


It’s funny right? Hahahaha!

I love that they performed Lonely with a dancea and not just sit, emote, and sing on stage. I always love B1A4’s choreography and sometimes dance to it. Oh, like I said, I love the boys but Gongchan stands on a higher level for me. His short lines never fails to make my heart go dug dug dug and I just die when he winks!

Check out their live performance last January 18 on Music Core. I love the fan-chants on this one. Good job Banas!!!






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