Chill Like A Villain: Kyaaaaaaaaa~!

Am I too excited?

Need I say more?


Well, enough with the obvious questions because the title itself is screaming with excitement (Though it doesn’t make sense). Hooray! It’s my last year in college; specifically my last semester. (Ughh, just please let it be. /fingers crossed XD)

Lat Tuesday, my friends and I took time to claim our graduation pictures. Finally! Hahahaha We had our pictorial last December and we gave Joecel’s Studio a month to work on the printing and stuff. We went there after our first class, around 9 am, but we’re told to come back in the afternoon because it wasn’t ready yet. We went back around 5 pm but it still wasn’t ready! We waited for another 2 hours! Just WOW! Obviously, we are not satisfied with the result and their service. We even had to treat ourselves with food to at least feel a little better before going home lthat night. Ughhh!

Okay, enough with the bad vibes because today is apparently a different day. Currently, we are working on the requirements for graduation which should be complied before this month ends.

Here are some of the raw files that I got

DSC_4453 copyr c


DSC_4473 copyr c

DSC_4508 copyr c

DSC_4653 Copy


Our barkada pic!

Time surely flies so fast and I bet all graduating students are anxious about getting a job, which company to apply to, and all those stuff after graduation. I am presently thrilled about the real world, as what they call it. It will be a new chapter of my existence. To be honest, I still don’t know what I’ll be doing on the months after graduation. It’s either I apply for a job and work, or take my masters degree (You know, being filial and all). I am still really unsure of my plans after graduation. However, I still have a couple of months and a scorching summer to enjoy so, for now, I’ll just chill like a villain

Let’s spread good vibes everyone 



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