Sinulog 2014!

Late Sinulog post!!!!! I was busy the past days and unfortunately I got the “Sinulog flu” (I just made it up) and was sick for two days right after the festivity hence, this late post.

A little background though, for years now, the Sinulog Festival in Cebu held third week of January is as much about honoring the patron Sto. Niño, our representation of the child Jesus.

My grandmother’s house will always be jam-packed during Sinulog since our relatives from the north (Danao City) and south (Barili) will always celebrate with us. Imagine how crowded would that be? But, I don’t care because there’s always food and cousins to have fun with!!! I wasn’t able to really roam around the city (And party all night) during Sinulog but I still enjoyed going through the sea of people and just walk, walk, and walk!

Walkways along Jones to Fuente streets and Mango Avenue were congested by the crowd up until dawn along with loud music and (not limited to) beers, and paints. It’s like a 24 hour party at the city!

Mumz and Pupz watched the Fluvial parade last Saturday morning.














I was with Mumz, Zsanelle (our youngest), and Flor (cousin) at the Fuente then went to Ayala Center Cebu after.

It was indeed an awesome day; it wasn’t hot and it didn’t rain. I wish the next Sinulog festivals would have the same perfect weather.

Next year I want to try party all night (Since I always go home at midnight the past Sinulog festivals). Frieeeeends! Yohooooo! Tag me along with you!!!!!


May you have an awesome weekend!





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