Cold, Cold, Cold!!!

It’s so cold these past few days. Like seriously cooooold. I normally don’t mind the cold weather because I prefer it cold than hot. It has been raining occasionally (Here in Cebu) but yesterday it was like it rained for the whole day. Darn. I have things to do but it was so cold and it refrained me from doing anything. All I did was hibernate the whole day! It was also cold during the Islands Souvenirs launch. We sat for a while after the event while sipping our frappes and we were shivering. I can’t even walk properly. Hahaha! It made me wonder if I can really stand the winter season in South Korea (Dream on!) 

And just like yesterday, its raining non-stop today. I was so lazy to move but unfortunately for me, I have to go with Mumz to the mall. I had no choice but to move my lazy butt. So to entertain my freezing self, I took some selfies. Hahahaha 🙂






And here are two mirror shots I took at the mall since we went to the mirrors’ section ^^






I was dressed lazily, right? but I didn’t mind at all! 


Oh, it’s Exo’s main vocalist and Jongin’s wife’s birthday today. Happy Birthday DO KYUNGSOO!!!!! Stay manly and squishy. Saranghae ❤





Aweee. Keep warm everyone 🙂




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