Fresh Start!

Hello 2014!

I’m back to blogging again! But It’s not like I always blog before though. Haha! I just feel the need to explain why I’m at it again. I have tumblr and blogger and it was where I post my thoughts about things and blah blah blah. Oh, I even have a WordPress account before! Yeah, that was a couple of years ago. I am pretty lazy. I won’t deny that. *Should I still stress why I stopped back then? Kidding!

I was reading online stories and partly watching TV when boom!…I realized I have to blog again! This blog would cover everything and anything I would find interesting, like a billboard of a freaking hot guy. Hahaha! Kidding aside. I want this to be my online diary (Please inspire me to write everyday even if its nonsense already). Of course it would be more elaborated with pictures and stuffs compared to a normal diary. I just want to record all the memorable moments of my existence starting this year. 2013 had been a roller-coaster ride for me and I don’t want to waste another year and not record my epic experiences!

I was so close to buying a planner last weekend and I’m happy I didn’t because I realized another one would be wasted again.I don’t want that to happen because I’m also wasting money that way! Hahaha! Don’t you think I need more inspiration? Because I think I need a bucket of inspiration. INSPIRE ME JUSEYO! HAHAHA! 

I already explained myself, so here’s to a fresh start!






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